Green Rome

by tobelikeafeatherby

Dear Ellie,

My first few weeks in Rome have tended to be chaotic and overwhelming. Thank gooddness for cozy naps in the afternoon heat and plenty of them. I think Rome can feel overwhelming for everything feels like something you should see. It must be one of the few cities in the world where there is not a single dull site, buliding or street. So many buildings (not including the hundreds of vast churches) beg of you to ask what their spectacular splendour represents or what they indeed are. I love constantly uncovering neighbourhoods and streets, one more lovely than the next. As I’ve become more familiar with Rome it has transformed from museum to a lively modern cosmpolitan where Romans (and a lot of Americans apparently) live, work and of course eat.   I could write about so many things… the food, the beautiful Academy, the people, of which I will in due course. However I think the one aspect of Rome that has continually caught my eye as I’ve walked around is its abudance of greenery in the form of walls and draping canopays. Shades of pink and terracotta juxtaposed with sharp green shades are my enternal vision of this eternal city.    



Margie coming next weekend. We’ll be missing you. Love Sarah. Xxx