Show me the child at seven and I will give you the man

by tobelikeafeatherby

Dear Ellie,

How have we let this happen? Why have we not written for so long? We have become those people who start and blog and neglect it. It is time to start writing again…and regularly. I have a monumental post brewing regarding cookbooks and I’m hoping you will write a smart piece about our forthcoming trip.


John, Andrew and Charles in 1964.


Jackie, Sue and Lynn in 1971. 14 years up.

In the meantime I want to introduce you to the Up Series in the hope that it captures your imagination as it has mine. The documentary is an irresistible gaze into real people’s lives. Being a distinctively British experiment, an exploration of class is central to the documentary. The director Michael Apted aimed to examine how your background shaped your future by filming a group of 7 year olds in 1964 and every seven years from then on. The results are rather sadly as you expect: those with more tend to achieve more. Yet the overriding message is that happiness is not integral to your beginnings; everyone can achieve a sense of contentment. The series is amazing journey. It is impossible not to form an attachment and a sense of concern for these children as you watch them grow into adults. As they are real people, the emotional reaction trumps anything fictional…


Watch the first episode here.

Holding my breath for next Friday. Love Sarah xxx