Match Made in Heaven

by tobelikeafeatherby

Dear Ellie,

I have already spoken about my adoration for Sofia on the blog, and so I was happy to hear Sofia was interviewing her long time collaborator and ‘favourite california blonde’, Kirsten Dunst, for the cover of W magazine. Sofia also guest edits the issue with a fabulous opening letter: ‘And with all the fast, flashy culture today, how about a little refinement? Here’s to beauty and living well, and taking the time to enjoy it.’

The photos are really beautiful, taken by Jurgen Teller, another long time friend of Sofia’s.


say no to tanning

I love that Sofia asks Kirsten how she keeps her mystique in an age of selfies, a question that no doubt plagues all those trying to keep it cool in the public eye, and also a question that is fitting to the themes of celebrity and fame that Sofia always comes back to in her films. It is also nice to hear Sofia agree with a mantra I think we both admire- not everyone has to like you, and try not to get them to! The film Kirsten is promoting, ‘The Two Faces of January’ , set in Greece, looks like a scrumptious thriller, no matter how paradoxical that sounds, yet it worked for  The Talented Mr Ripley, which was also inspired by a Patricia Highsmith novel.


In other news, Sofia has been called in to direct a version of The Little Mermaid which I am highly anticipating. Sofia has also bought the rights to Alysia Abbott’s memoir ‘Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father’, which I think you will enjoy. Abbott tells the story of her move from the conservative east coast after her mothers sudden death, to San Francisco in the 70s, where her father came out as gay in the midst of the AIDS epidemic and the hippie movement. An unconventional and lonely childhood, again a much visited theme in Sofia’s work, and of course I think she will be able to do the book, and Abbott justice.

Alysia Abbott and her father the poet Steven Abbott

Alysia Abbott and her father the poet Steven Abbott.

On another note, here are some daffodils for Easter, Happy Easter Ellie & blog readers. xxx