I think of you.

by tobelikeafeatherby

Dear Ellie,


I was disappointed with the documentary Searching for Sugarman, probably because all the hype  (and I knew the key secret).  Ever since however I have been falling more in love with the music and lyrics of Sixto Rodriquez. Simple, but powerful, his lyrics are calmly thought provoking and indeed stay with you. On this gloomy tuesday before winter begins and daylight saving ends, this particular love song of his is harmoniously cheering my day. I love that his songs experiment with unexpected sounds- for instance the violins here.

Just a song we shared, I’ll hear
Brings memories back when you were here
Of your smiles, your easy laughter
Of your kiss, those moments after

I think of you
And think of you
And think of you

Of the dreams we dreamt together
Of the love we vowed would never
Melt like snowflakes in the sun
My days now end as they begun:

With thoughts of you
And I think of you
And think of you

Down the streets I walked with you
Seeing others doing things we do

Now these thoughts are haunting me
Of how complete I used to be
And in these times that we’re apart
I’ll hear this song that breaks my heart

And think of you
And I think of you
And think of you

Love Sarah xxx