White Rap and an Evening with a Frat.

by tobelikeafeatherby

Dear Ellie,

I am still feeling a bit tranced from spending an embarrassing amount of time yesterday watching oscar coverage (including a little monkey dancing around in ball gowns by a swimming pool.) Was all typically bizarre. Barbara Streisand singing The Way They Were was a hilarious highlight encapsulating the tone of the evening. Also before they make Ben Affleck king of hollywood/CIA/world can they remember BenniferJess radiant as ever. Her time will come. Also Les Miserables needed more recognition. Just saying. I bet our children will be singing along to Hugh Jackman in 30 years rather than looking for Argo on DVD.


Aesop with…. some hipsters?

Well two weekends of firsts for me. I went to go see the rapper Aesop Rock because he was playing nearby in Northampton. American hipster culture is great. It seems much less pretentious and uniformed than subcultures at home. Although any sign of quirkiness (meaning you are not wearing all Umass sports wear) deliberately makes you hipster. Or ‘quaint’ which I prefer being branded. It really did feel like old times sake being at an underage gig unable to drink. Just needed St. John, Bombay and you there. It was a great evening though. Observing the step-up style dance offs surrounding me between old bearded men and young girls, probably escapees from all girls Smith College, was highly entertaining. Aesop played a really good gig, the venue was cool and old school, and oh my it made me miss going out. Listen to some of his music.


Charlie and me hiding at gig.


Pearl Street, Northampton.

Definitely no hipsters at the fraternity dinner I was invited to this past saturday. Half 7 meant a blue volvo parked up outside my halls, collected two friends and me, and whisked us to dinner in a smart New England house. The evening was hosted by the prestigious Delta Kappa Epsilon who have a chapter at Amherst College. It was quite an experience. The boys were as expected immaculate, charming and attentive. I loved the dinner- tasty food and finally a glass of wine. There were some characters- a South American called Carlos who was definitely not trying to dispel any stereotypes. My ‘date’ is in my poetry class and was perfectly lovely though he did ditch me at the after party to eat some dumplings. So yes the after party is when things got a little more frat like. Young pledgers were summoned to drive us to a Chinese restaurant in ‘downtown’ Amherst (Amherst is the size of a hamlet with one main street) the boys had rented out for the evening. The bow ties really came loose here. Little terracotta fish bowls with punch were in bountiful (realllllly bountiful) abundance and being handed to us all evening. All the boys asked their dates to dance and of course some were lucky (and very quickly). I amusingly ended up doing saki bombs with two nice young gentlemen before I felt it was time to make a run for it. I appreciate frat life but I can’t say I would date a boy who took it seriously  Especially in this day and age. Surely the focus should be purely on me?


Love Sarah xxx