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Me at Flat Iron…


As I’m sure you’ve realised, with the current horsemeat scandal, its a good time to be a vegetarian. With the recent revelation that Ikea’s famous meatballs contain horse, and the fact that I had those a few months ago, it seems probable that I am one of the many to have unknowingly gorged on a filly or two. Its not so much the fact that its horsemeat that we carnivores have been eating that worries me; its the fact that food suppliers have been dishonest about the content of their produce. This leads to questions about why they felt the need to lie on the packaging, and further – what else does our food contain that we don’t know about?

However, I haven’t let this put me off. If someone was to ask me what my last meal would be my answer remains the same, roast beef cooked by one of our parents. Its deciding by which parent that is the difficult decision, as they each cook the dish so differently. One’s is an exercise in pared back simplicity; served with just spinach, roast potatoes and a light gravy. The other is dense with all the trimmings, including famous yorkshire puddings, a rich gravy and the occasional addition of an unusual experimental flavour.

Last week I enjoyed two beefy meals. On Monday night it was a steak at Flat Iron. Flat Iron is bang on-trend with the whole we-only-serve-one-dish-and-don’t-even-think-about-making-a-reservation malarky. Luckily as it was a Monday night we didn’t have to queue and got a nice table for three in an alcove at the back of the restaurant. For a tenner you get a tasty bit of steak with a mini green salad; chips and sauces are a few pounds extra. Next it was on to Princi for a bellini and shared cream cake. As Monday nights go, it wasn’t bad.

On Friday it was my third trip to MEATliquor. I have to say, I consider myself a connoisseur of trendy London burger restaurants and out of my top three – MEATliquor, Honest Burger and Dirty Burger – its Dirty Burger that wins. Maybe this is because I was obliged to wash down my burger with a delicious creamy vanilla milkshake, or because I went there when summer was still a reality (instead of a distant possibility) and we were able to sit outside the little shack, but really I think its because the burgers were simply the most well-balanced. Whereas Honest Burger is a simple, relaxed affair, MEATliqour is bold and brassy like an American diner on steroids. After queueing outside in the cold we had to queue again by the crowded bar. But they say hunger is the best sauce and after the the wait, and with just a paper towel for a plate, the ‘dead hippie’ burger and spicy chicken wings went down very well. Thankfully on this visit no one attempted the ‘triple chili challange’, where a hopeful punter attempts to scoff everything on the menu with the word ‘chilli’ in it in under ten minutes, watched over by a man with a microphone yelling encouragement, as well as half the restaurant… and all for a free burger.