by tobelikeafeatherby

Dear Ellie,


Weirdly, I have had quite a sporty weekend, as the creepy Umass mascot Sam the Minuteman will be glad to hear. (Don’t you think his skin is an odd colour?). I was roped into going to an ice hockey game (SO dull) and watching the superbowl (duller). I think that is my relationship with American sport put to rest forever. Although did you see Beyonce? She was very cool. I even liked her leather outfit.

Scarlett tells me Harry S has been hanging out a lot in Dalston recently. Apparently he loves to be surrounded by girls at all times. That is his ‘thing’. Please can you become part of that thing whilst I’m away?

Considering I am going to New York next weekend and I am right next door to Smith College where Sylvia studied this article captured my imagination. I have to do a literary research project and am considering choosing her. Sylvia’s daughter was called Frieda- which I know is a name you adore, and I thought this space of hers was one you’d admire (minus the dogs) for its kooky character. It feels a million miles from the concrete square I am living in. In fact I got a little carried away looking at all these accomplished professionals spaces. A bit like Desert Island Discs but for the home. I’d love to know what you think of this kitchen. It is the chefs from the River Cafe whose old programmes you have to watch. I think she and her cooking partner make such a composed duo. Very calming.

A lot of tangents here but hope you like,

Love, Sarah xx