Things to do when it snows

by tobelikeafeatherby

My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life


Since you left for Boston, a thick blanket of snow has covered London. To beat the January blues, Flo, Han and I went to the Chuan spa on Regents Street and we couldn’t have chosen a better way to escape from the cold. The icing on the cake was that none other than the Nigel Slater also happened to be there. I was tempted to speak to him and maybe even try and get a photo but thought he probably didn’t want to be disturbed on his spa day, so I just stared instead. After massages and facials, Flo, Hanny and I met in the lounge where we were given plates of fruit and herbal tea. It was all quite hilarious and we couldn’t help laughing at the sight of each other, looking like princesses in our robes, eating grapes. If in future you can’t afford a holiday when you feel like you need one most, I greatly recommend visiting a spa instead.

Feeling like new women we walked to Carnaby Street and came across Dehesa tapas bar. Here we gorged on serrano ham, manchego cheese and red wine. We then walked down the street to the Blues Bar to dance to the live band and mingle with the strange but amusing clientele; including a man who Florence accurately described as looking like Martin Vanger from The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, and a musician who sang us one of his songs with particularly questionable lyrics. It was one of those spontaneous, random nights which are always the best.

Today has been a typically lazy Sunday and the snow has continued to fall. I watched the documentary We The Tiny House People which was recommended to me following my Cabin Porn post.

I have also got into My So-Called Life, a 90s TV series that centres around high-schooler Angela Chase, played by Claire Danes. Danes’s character emanates that all-too-familiar teenage angst and when she looks sad I always want to cry. She also wears some great outfits, including a plaid dress.

First impressions of Massachusetts??

Ellie xxx

PS. This interview with Lena Dunham is also worth reading and I thought this book sounds interesting.