Sleeping Beauty

by tobelikeafeatherby


Last night Ellie took me to see Matthew Bourne’s production of Sleeping Beauty. After spending the day feeling fragile and with Sunday blues looming, spending the night at Sadlers Wells cured me of both. I had never seen any of Matthew Bourne’s work, or indeed did I know much about him, yet of course I got home, looked him up, and now want to see everything he has done. His dance embraces some traditional elements, yet is more contemporary, being slick and sultry. Rather than feel in awe of the dancers you want to go dancing with them, or at least have one of the many topless men spin you round a club in the early hours of the morning…In order to rejuvenate the traditional fairytale Bourne had injected lots of humour into the production meaning it was unstuffy and sometimes naughty. In the “Last Night” scene we were transferred to a distinctively sleazy, sexually charged party reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut. Aurora, after her 100 year sleep awoke in 2010. Depressingly though, our modern day clothes were rather ugly in comparison to the period costumes, slightly damaging the sexually charged gothic fantasy. Thank you for taking me, Sarah xxx