Cabin Fever

by tobelikeafeatherby

Snowy cabin via

Snowy cabin via


One of my favourite websites at the moment is Cabin Porn. Don’t let the name put you off – click on the link  and you will be exported to idyllic abodes in far away lands. The site contains beautiful photos of mini homes in dramatic settings, ranging from the humble to the futuristic, thereby providing an abundance of escapist fantasies.

Through the images I am able to imagine a life where I spend my days wrapped up in a blanket, reading by a fire and occasionally foraging for food in the forest.  Obviously, this is all a daydream, in reality I would probably be dying to get back to civilisation after a couple of days. Despite this, nurture the escapism by looking at this website for hours, alone in your bedroom.

Good music to listen to whilst carrying this out would be Sibylle Baier


Moody Sibylle via


Baier is a German folk singer who recorded the songs from her album Colour Green in the 1970s (tick, tick, tick). It wasn’t until 2006, however, that Baier’s album was released, after her son Robby compiled a CD of her recordings to give as gifts to family members and also sent a copy to a record company. Tonight  is maybe my favourite but I Lost Something in the Hills is also hauntingly lovely and suits a cold January evening.

E. xxx